A Chillies Restaurant is a place where you can find great spicy foods with lots of spice and flavour.

Sometimes it  may be a place that has only spicy food available. On the other hand, it could also be a place with only a few spicy dishes. Ultimately chillies restaurants are places that embrace spicy foods. They give us the opportunity to enjoy our favourite foods and passion. If you truly love spicy foods go out there and find your chillies restaurant!

Different types of Chillies Restaurants.


These are truly amazing. There are many different types of dishes available with interesting flavours. Here is a list of 5 spicy Indian style dishes you might find at any Indian-Style chillies restaurant.

  • Beef Chili Fry: This is very juicy and tender. Has green chillies that enhance the flavours of onion.
  • Pork Vindaloo: This dish can be served with chicken and/or lamb. “Vindaloo” came from a place called Goa in India.  An authentic version of this dish consists of Kashmiri chilli, vinegar, garlic, jaggery and a dry sauce using pork fat.
  • Phaal Curry: This is generally one of the most spicy forms of curry available. It is far more spicy than the vindaloo. It consists of many regular ground chilli peppers and sometimes Habanero peppers.
  • Laal Maas: This is not for the faint hearted! It is a thick mutton curry which contains many red chillies and has a special red chilli called the ‘Mathania’. This red chilli comes from Mathania, Jodhpur.
  • Kozi Kari: This dish consists of fresh green chillies and dried red ground chillies. It is chicken based and it is believed to come from Jewish descent.


This type of chillies restaurant is my absolute favourite. Asian-style chillies restaurants are very special. They combine many different flavours from all regions of Asia. An Asian chillies restaurant can be, but is not limited to Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean. Some of the best flavours come from Asia and a great chillies restaurant knows how to utilise these flavours in crafting extraordinary chilli based dishes. Here are my favourite 3 Asian-Style chillies restaurant dishes.

  • Saliva Chicken, Sichuan: This is my all time favourite dish. It consists of boiled chicken marinated in chilli  and sesame oil with more than 8 different sauces and spices.
  • Ma Po Tofu, Sichuan: This is super spicy! It has an incredible flavour if you can handle the burning fire in your mouth! It is made with Sichuan peppercorn, tofu, ground pork mince and a special chilli bean sauce.
  • Hunan Spicy Beef, Hunan: The Hunan province is one of the biggest suppliers of beef in China. Therefore, I can assure you that they know their spicy beef dishes. This dish boasts a mix of fresh and deep-fried chilli peppers.

Finding a great Chillies Restaurant Part 1!

Please keep in mind that there is no such thing as just ONE ultimate Chillies Restaurant. This is because, there are plenty of amazing chillies restaurants that cater to many different needs (flavours and tastes).

  • Step 1.

Finding an awesome chillies restaurant can be very difficult if you don’t know what to look for. You need to identify what kind of cuisine the restaurant offers. It could be Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Spanish even ‘outback’ Australian. Remember the best chillies restaurants are the ones that offer great quality and a variety of spicy dishes. Keep in mind they don’t necessarily have to be a “chilli” based restaurant in order to be amazing.
The best chillies restaurant that I have ever been to was a burger bar in Melbourne.

  • Step 2.

Find out whether or not that specific chillies restaurant has any award-winning recipes, or chilli eating completions available. Usually if it is renown for outstanding recipes and competitions it will have great quality products and spicy foods available.

  • Step 3.

Consider how popular the restaurant is. Ask questions like, does it have many guests? Is it designed in a modern way? Does it have a multitude of dishes available. Typically if it is always busy it is going to be very good.

Finding a great Chillies Restaurant Part 2!

  • Step 4.

Find out if the restaurant specialises in spicy dishes. This would mean it has many spicy dishes and would generally be a top chillies restaurant. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes the best chillies restaurant is one with a few chilli based dishes that are out of this world.

  • Step 5.

Finally, look at online reviews. You should keep in mind that even if there are many negative reviews, this does not mean that it’s not a great place. Remember, many people like different things so you need to decide what flavours you enjoy best!

The Best Chillies Restaurants.

Here are my 3 favorite chillies restaurants.

best chillies restaurant
Sometimes the best chillies restaurant has only 1 amazing dish that will knock your socks off!

Ever wanted to know what the best chillies restaurant was? In my opinion it would be too difficult selecting only 1 as the absolute best chillies restaurant. Here is a list of some amazing ones.

This place is awesome has an amazing menu. Even though it is only a burger bar, it boasts some awesome chilli inspired flavours.

Ramen is an amazing japanese noodle soup. This place has killer recipes and the best part is their chilli dishes are super spicy!

Nandos has some amazing peri peri chilli chicken dishes that are incredibly tasty. Anything on Nando’s menu with the XXX hot sauce is awesome!

Top 3 Qualities of a Best Chillies Restaurant.

The top three qualities are:

  1. Amazing flavour!
  2. Highly rated by its fans!
  3. Offers extremely spicy dishes!

Now of course there are other factors to consider when rating something as “the best”. However, keep in mind that you should first understand that everyone has different taste.

Good luck!